The Villanova Singers are one of the most cherished organizations in the Villanova University family. Founded in 1953, this male ensemble has provided decades of enjoyment and enrichment to listeners all over the world. With more than 50 "brothers in song," the Singers resemble much more than a group of fine lads with a passion for music - it is a family, molded by each members unique personality and backgrounds. And as the group enters its 60th year, there is much to look forward to with Music Camp, Legacy Reunion, and our upcoming singing tour to Montreal. Recent tours have taken the Singers across the United States to California, Pittsburgh, D.C. to international locales, including Italy, Brazil, Spain, Germany, and most recently, Costa Rica. The Singers will once again be lead by director Tim Evers alongside accompanist Christopher Kehoe. Over the years, our strong bond of brotherhood has brought the music we sing to life. This year, we hope to do the same and add new experiences to the timeless memories that have been generated, and to the ones that have yet to be created.